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Vehicle Stickers – Your questions answered


Can vinyl decals be used on cars?

Yes you can use vinyl decals on your car! You could use either removable or permanent adhesive stickers, depending how long you want them to stay on.

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Can stickers damage car paint?

It would be most unusual for the vinyl decal to damage the car paint. If damage were to occur, it would most likely happen while trying to take the car sticker off the paint. That’s why we provide a guide to cleanly removing car stickers. You can read it here.

GB and IRL Keycamp vehicle stickers

Do bumper stickers damage car paint?

Car bumper stickers do not necessarily damage car paint. Bumper stickers will only damage the paint of a car if removed incorrectly.

To remove a bumper sticker from a car, first heat the sticker with a household hairdryer to loosen the adhesive, then slowly peel off the sticker. If you feel any resistance from the adhesive, reheat the sticker until the adhesive loosens up and the sticker comes away easily.

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How much does it cost to put custom decals on a car?

Putting vinyl stickers on a car is normally performed by a vinyl instillation expert, vehicle graphics fitter, or sign fitter. Typically, they charge by the hour. The final price of your car decal will depend upon the size, shape and complexity of the designs.

Buy your vinyl stickers from a reputable graphics company such as Edge Stickers, and get a quote from a local vehicle decal fitter to install them onto your car.

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How long does vinyl car wrap last?

A vinyl car wrap can last up to five years if well maintained. However, excessive exposure to UV light can shorten the lifespan, while at the same time making it more difficult to remove. If your vehicle is parked constantly outside then a car wrap may only last 12 months.

If a removable vinyl is used when the wrap is produced then, this too, will shorten the lifespan of the wrap.

Are stickers on cars trashy?

“Trashy” is a very subjective term. What one person finds attractive is often completely different to someone else’s preferences.

However, whatever the design, car stickers should be printed by a reputable business, else they can look cheap and not stay in good condition for very long. Edge Stickers design and create professional looking bumper stickers and vehicle window stickers.

How much will it cost me to get my vinyl decals off my car?

Paying a vinyl installer to remove car decals car could prove expensive. The costs stack up if there are a few people involved in the removal and they charge by the hour.

The most cost effective way of removing vinyl stickers from your car is to do it yourself. It’s simpler than you might think!

To remove stickers from cars and other vehicles, use any household hairdryer and warm up the vinyl to loosen the adhesive. Start with an edge and slowly start to peel the vinyl away. If you feel any resistance from the adhesive reheat the area until the vinyl peels away easily. Go slowly and gently to avoid any damage to the car’s paint.

Once finished, remove any adhesive residue using an adhesive remover or isopropyl.

Can car window stickers be made from self-cling sheets

Car window stickers certainly can be made from self-cling sheets, and for many people this is their preferred choice of material for window stickers.

Self cling is perfect for use on the inside of clean glass or windows, as it has peel-off properties, leaving no adhesive residue.

Do you want a quote for creating your own vehicle stickers? Get in touch! We’d be delighted to help.