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How do I fit vinyl stickers without bubbles or creases?


Fitting vinyl stickers to windows and other surfaces without leaving bubbles or creases can sometimes cause problems for many people. Customers often ask us how to apply stickers without bubbles. So, we wrote this guide to make it simple! Follow the below guidelines to ensure your vinyl stickers are bubble and crease free when you apply them.

First, start by cleaning the surface you will apply the sticker to. If there are bits of dirt, they will get stuck under the decal. This will cause little lumps and prevent a perfect finish.

Then, once the surface is clean, you can apply a layer of slightly soapy water to it, and the adhesive side of your sticker. As you transfer the sticker to the surface, the water will allow you to lift back up and re-lay if you notice a wrinkle or crease.

Use a squeegee to flatten the sticker when you’re happy, and press as much of the water out from under the sticker as possible.

After only a few hours, any remaining water underneath the sticker will have evaporated. You will be left with a sticker that has ‘set’ perfectly, with no creases, bubbles or trapped air.

Now you know how to apply stickers without bubbles or creases! Are you ready to order and apply your own vinyl stickers? Design and order online today from Edge Stickers.