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How to make transparent stickers?


printed gold ink transparent stickers What are transparent stickers?

Transparent stickers are simply self adhesive vinyl stickers that have been printed on to a clear vinyl material.  This is instead of the standard white used for full colour vinyl stickers.


custom transparent sticker for coffee shop

How are custom transparent stickers made?

To make custom transparent stickers, firstly you need to look at the artwork to identify the areas that will remain clear / see through, the areas that on the material are to get no print.

Using your artwork the studio team will then create separate layers:

  • Firstly the top layer that contains the full colour printed image (identifying areas with no print)
  • Secondly a base layer that identifies the areas of the image that need to have a backing white/or white underpin.

The information from the 2 layers, is then sent to the printer and the images are created.


Why does a transparent sticker need a white underpin?

If you print the ink directly onto the transparent vinyl without a white underpin, then the sticker is not 100% opaque, the ink is translucent. The easiest way to demonstrate this is with stained glass images, whilst the glass is coloured it is not a solid colour and the depth of the colour in the glass depends on where it is positioned. Only when it is placed against a white background does the colour become less translucent.


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