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Lots of Useful facts about Self Adhesive vinyl, and what you can do with it.


pvc self adhesive vinyl stickers

Self adhesive vinyl is exactly what is says it is…self adhesive (or sticky) PVC (vinyl).

Because it’s basically very thin waterproof plastic (PVC) and sticky backed, it can be made into, or used for all manner of labelling, graphics, markings etc. If you think about it, there’s absolutely no difference between a huge printed graphic on the side of a bus, or a tiny label that goes onto something.

The only (main) thing that is different is the size.

Self adhesive vinyl is made of three bits:

man applying vinyl to a vehicle

  • A surface needs to be free of dust or muck before you apply the sticker.
  • You can remove most stickers by warming them up with a hairdryer, as the heat makes the adhesive go soft again.
  • If you want to cover something over with a sticker, then you need to use an opaque vinyl. This is made of either an opaque PVC film, or in some cases black adhesive is used. They both work.
  • You can’t test if a sticker is going to ‘stick’ by rubbing it down and then peeling it straight off.
  • The adhesive needs time to do its thing and get a good hold. This takes a few hours, minimum.
  • There are lots of ways of fitting stickers without leaving loads of air bubbles.

Now you’ve learned a little more about them, do you need to design some self adhesive stickers for your marketing campaign? We’re here to help – just get in touch.