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The History of Stickers


Ever found yourself wondering about the history of stickers and when they were first invented?

The history of stickers is a lot longer than you might think. Some historians suggest that even the Ancient Egyptians used stickers! In some ancient markets, there is evidence of paper plastered to the wall displaying prices. Incredible!

What we might understand as stickers in the modern day came into use in the 1800s. Adhesive paper was invented in 1839 by Sir Rowland Hill. His stickers became the first postage stamp in the UK.

The latest market change in sticker production came with the introduction of digital inkjet printers. These have allowed sticker companies to produce cost-effective short-run jobs with little or no setup time.

Digital artwork can be instantly transferred to the printers without the need to create plates. This has allowed sticker companies to offer affordable prices for short-run sticker orders.

Now you know all about the history of stickers and when they were invented and how their use has changed over the centuries! Do you require stickers for your business or next event? Get an instant quote from Edge Stickers today.