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What are vinyl stickers? A simple guide


What is vinyl? 

The vinyl that we use for making our stickers is a 95-micron white gloss PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) film.


Are vinyl stickers permanent?  Can vinyl stickers be supplied with a different adhesive?

Our stickers are available with a choice of adhesive, either static cling, removeable, permanent and even a high-tack adhesive.

Static cling vinyl does not have any adhesive, therefore it can be removed easily without leaving a residue.  This is most commonly used for window stickers.

Removable adhesive allows you to remove the stickers after a desired length of time, however, if they are left on a surface for a long period of time, they will take on permanent properties.

High-tack self-adhesive vinyl is permanent and bonds quickly to a wide range of surfaces, for this reason it is often used for outdoor stickers e.g. plant hire.


Can you cut vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers can be kiss cut or die cut to any shape to suit your design.

Kiss cutting is when the sticker vinyl is cut to a shape but the backing paper is not.  An example of this is multi-sticker sheets – where any number of individual sticker designs are cut to shape but presented on the same sheet, ready to be peeled off as required.

Die-cut stickers are made when the backing sheet is cut as well as the sticker to the same shape, creating individual stickers.


Is there a maximum size for vinyl stickers?

We can print stickers in any size from 15mm to 1500mm wide by any length.

Larger stickers e.g., full wall coverings, can be produced by printing multiple large stickers, that can fit together to create the whole design.


Hardens printed double sided window sticker

Can vinyl stickers be printed double-sided?

Yes! At Edge Stickers we print both single and double sided stickers.   Double sided window stickers are used for MOT & service reminders, parking permits, membership stickers & for advertising brands/stockists.  Speak to our team about double sided stickers on 01347 823 230.


What temperatures can vinyl stickers withstand?

The self-adhesive vinyl stickers need to be applied at temperatures +10°C, however once applied they can withstand -45°C to +80°C.


Can self-adhesive vinyl stickers be used outdoors?  Will vinyl stickers last outdoors?

Yes! Our stickers are suitable for use outdoors as they can withstand -45°C to +80°C, however, they will need to be applied to a dry surface when the temperatures are +10°C for the adhesive to work.  The Self adhesive vinyl stickers are designed for all sorts of outdoor use and are water and petrol proof.

We can also print on high tack self adhesive vinyl. So, if you need stronger adhesive for outdoor use e.g. plant and machinery stickers please ask our team for further details. We can also supply you with stickers suitable for use in extreme sports.


Do Vinyl stickers fade?

Printed vinyl stickers will fade, but only after several years of use in direct sunlight. You can be confident in the longevity of your vinyl stickers from Edge Stickers.


Can I write on vinyl stickers?

A matt finish sticker can be written on with a sharpie pen, hence our double sided stickers are popular within industries that add reminder dates e.g. Mot or service due on stickers.


Printing FluorescentCan vinyl stickers be screenprinted?

Vinyl stickers can be digitally or screenprinted, at Edge stickers we can offer both services.

Screenprinting uses UV stable inks, in pantone matched colours, that are squeezed through fine mesh.  It is a popular choice for large stickers with limited colour designs, and is more cost effective for larger volumes.




Uses of vinyl stickers

There are so many uses for vinyl stickers as they can be printed and cut to suit designs.

Here are a few of the popular uses:


How much do they cost?

There is no set price for a vinyl sticker, it depends on a number of factors including:

  • Dimensions
  • Shape
  • Adhesive – static cling, removeable, permanent or high-tack
  • Single or double sided
  • Finish – matt or gloss
  • Lamination
  • Presentation – individual stickers, on a sheet or roll
  • Quantity

For instant prices use our online calculator or speak to our team on 01347 823230.


How do you remove a vinyl sticker?  Can you remove a vinyl sticker?

How easy a sticker is to remove depends on the adhesive.

Static cling stickers will remove from a glass surface simply by peeling it off, leaving no residue.

Permanent adhesive and removable adhesive (that has been left for a long period and taken on permanent properties) can be removed by warming the surface. This will heat up the surface of the sticker (if it is cold it will be brittle) and also soften the glue, enabling the sticker to peel off the surface. You can remove any residue left behind using a solvent.


How long do vinyl stickers last?

How long a vinyl sticker lasts depends on the conditions in which the vinyl sticker is being used. However, you can reasonably expect several years of outdoor use from your stickers.

Along with the weather it is also important to consider the amount of direct sunlight (certain colours fade faster than others when exposed to direct sunlight).

Speak to our team for vinyl sticker material speciation sheets if required.


Are stickers waterproof?

There are many reasons that you may require waterproof stickers. The main reason is for outdoor stickers that will have to put up with everything the UK weather can throw at them. Some of the other reasons include: to brand products that will be submerged in water, e.g. extreme sports paddles, to adhere to vehicles and bikes that get wet on the roads and washed, or even for use in retail environments such as garden centres where the atmosphere may be damp.

Our vinyl stickers are waterproof and would be suitable for use in all the above examples. The stickers repel the water; however, it is important to consider that when you are applying them, the surface it must be completely dry. Once the adhesive has stuck firmly, the surface of the stickers are fine to get wet time and time again.

To find out more please speak to our team on 01347 823230.



Are vinyl stickers better than paper stickers?

Vinyl stickers are more durable and longer-lasting than paper stickers, while not necessarily being more expensive.

When comparing paper to vinyl, it is quite like comparing Humpty Dumpty to the wall.

Paper stickers are quite fragile. You must take care of them to ensure they last and stay looking great. They are vulnerable to many things especially liquids and moisture. Use them on indoor projects but be wary on using them outside.

Vinyl stickers on the other hand are a lot more durable and can last longer without any maintenance. You can stick them on any surface, anytime and anywhere. They may be as tough as a wall but in terms of flexibility they are similar to rubber. You can customize them to any imaginable shape or size.

In conclusion, if you think that Humpty Dumpty can withstand a wall outdoors then you might have read a different story. When it comes to stickers, vinyl stickers are without a doubt a better option in terms of durability, lasting design and versatility. Contact us today to start designing your own custom stickers.

Where do I buy custom stickers?

Edge stickers print a wide variety of sticker types on self-adhesive vinyl material, to find out more speak to our team on 01347 823 230 alternatively for instant online prices, see our online calculator.