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What is digital inkjet printing?


The most recent and cutting edge process to enter the print industry. Digital inkjet printing is an adaption of the technology used in every day desk top printers.  Usually on a larger scale, and with the ability to print on to a pre-loaded roll, as well as trimmed sheets.

printed sticker sheetThe artwork is finely sprayed in detail on the surface of the sticker material by a selection of printheads.  The printheads pass back and forth across the width of the vinyl being printed. It users a CMYK process. Colours are created through the blending of transparent cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. These are then transferred onto the white surface of the self-adhesive material.

The wet ink is dried by a passing UV light. This ‘sets’ the ink on to the surface of the plastic.

Being a digital inkjet printing process, there is no requirement for printing plates, screens or other ‘set up’ costs associated with the other processes. Print set up in achieved in moments. There’s no waste created, and the finished prints are dry and ready to trim.

Strengths and weaknesses: Digital inkjet print is high resolution, pin sharp, and cost effective for smaller print volumes. A welcomed addition to the print industry that fills a gap for the production of smaller volume full colour printing on plastic, at low cost. Its inherent drawback is the speed of production, ruling it out as a high volume print process at this time.

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